• Vishal Singh

Anti-maskers punch & mace breast cancer patient at her clinic during violent demonstration

Updated: Aug 18

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Anti-maskers demonstrated at the Cedars Sinai breast cancer clinic. They harassed bystanders and cancer patients, even punching a patient from the clinic in the torso. This patient is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Anti-maskers even surrounded and harassed a doctor who works at Cedars Sinai.

After the assault on a cancer patient by anti-maskers, several people defended her. Full disclosure: I put down my camera and engaged with the assailants as well.

A far right extremist then bear maced everybody (myself included). He even hit that same cancer patient... as well as other anti-maskers.

Myself and some others kept fighting back against the assailants in self defense, even though we were out numbered. The man with the bear mace tried to bear mace me again, but he was on empty. I responded with pepper gel, in self defense.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department showed up and defended the people who assaulted a cancer patient.

Deputies forced the cancer patient, who was still covered in bear mace, to leave her own breast cancer clinic. Cedars Sinai was not available for comment on this incident.

This violent group of anti-maskers also participated in the violent anti-transgender rallies this month targeting Wi Spa. Far right extremism is rising in Southern California. And the rise is being aided by law enforcement. LAPD and LASD have defended Proud Boys and violent far right extremists this month.

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