• Vishal Singh

Anti-vaxxer yells "sieg heil" repeatedly at West Hollywood restaurant

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Anti-masker and anti-vaccine demonstrators disrupted Crossroads Kitchen last night, a popular vegan restaurant. About 20 far right extremists showed up randomly and started screaming at restaurant patrons and staff about how masks don't work, while also decrying "vaccine passports." At one point, a transphobic anti-vaxxer, who was live-streaming, started yelling the Nazi salute "sieg heil" towards the staff and customers, over and over again. He was then confronted about the horrifically anti-Semitic display.

Crossroads Kitchen, in an effort to try and keep increasing COVID-19 transmissions down, is requiring customers to be vaccinated. In Los Angeles County, COVID-19, aided by the delta-variant, is surging again. The Los Angeles Times reported that LA County now has over 3,000 new COVID-19 cases per day.

Despite this, local far right extremists are becoming more emboldened in their anti-mask and anti-vaccine efforts. Last Thursday, they targeted Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer Clinic over the hospital's mask requirement. The violent rally ended in brawls, and with far right extremists punching and bear macing a breast cancer patient as law enforcement idly watched. Shiva Bagheri, the racist anti-masker and Trump supporter who punched the breast cancer patient, was one of the violent demonstrators at Crossroads as well.

In fact, many of the same far right extremists involved in the Cedars Sinai incident were present at Crossroads Kitchen on Saturday night.

Just like the Cedars Sinai incident, law enforcement did not seem bothered by the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers targeting and harassing the community. LAPD was on scene but didn't do anything during the entire incident. Crossroads Kitchen said they could not comment on Saturday evening's events. However, the anti-vaxxers posted a heated argument they had with the staff at the restaurant. The staff was visibly distressed and angered by this harassment.

The far right extremists promised to return to Crossroads and disrupt their business again. The trend of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers targeting businesses and even a hospital has been increasing steadily, and it has no end in sight.

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