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Death threats, slurs, brawls, and Nazi salutes from anti- LGBTQ+ extremists at Glendale School Board

Vishal P. Singh

Anti-LGBTQ+ extremism has rocked the Glendale School Board once again. Los Angeles County is seeing weekly attacks on educational institutions from anti-LGBTQ+ conservatives and far- right extremists. Today, there were punches, slurs, Nazi salutes, and even an online threat to shoot LGBTQ+ supporters from the anti-LGBTQ+ side.

Reporters on the ground confirm a handful of Proud Boys and January 6th Capitol rioters were there. Police allowed anti-LGBTQ+ extremists to once again attack whoever they wanted. Pro-LGBTQ+ supporters pulled back for safety as tensions escalated. Soon after, violence came from fascist extremists.


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