• Vishal Singh

Hollywood's Nick Searcy promotes Proud Boy rally headlined by Neo-Nazi

Updated: Jan 25

LOS ANGELES — Nick Searcy has found an ally in far right extremists around the nation, but especially violent ones in Los Angeles. He has recently become Twitter buddies with violent Capitol rioter Tony Moon, who has assaulted multiple women and stalked journalists (even showing up to their homes). Tony Moon will be speaking at a rally next month in Los Angeles organized by Portland-based Proud Boys. The event is branded as a follow up to the violent Proud Boy rally on August 22, 2021 that ended with a far right extremist being arrested for opening fire on people with live ammo.

This violence is heading to Los Angeles, and the headliner for the event is infamous Proud Boy Tusitala “Tiny” Toese. Tiny has faced numerous charges for his violent behavior, typically shows up to rallies armed, and was recently shot in the foot in Portland. Notably, Tiny Toese has made full on Neo-Nazi comments relating to the Holocaust and Jewish people. In a chatroom with other Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys, Tiny Toese responds to a comment denying the Holocaust by saying “Like, are you serious? It didn’t happen? What are we waiting for? Let’s make that shit happen! Round them up!”

When I informed Hollywood actor Nick Searcy about these comments from the headliner of the event he promoted, he responded by mocking me for being violently assaulted and hospitalized by Proud Boy affiliated far right extremists. Twice. It’s clear that Nick Searcy is knowingly promoting and defending Neo-Nazi Tiny Toese, Capitol rioter Tony Moon, and the rest of the violent Proud Boys heading to cause chaos in Los Angeles.

Searcy has consistently shown an affiliation for conservatism and far right extremism, but this seems to be his first time openly supporting Neo-Nazis. He doesn’t seem to think this will affect his career, as soon after this Twitter argument, he bragged about his career accomplishments and current projects.

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