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Leaked Stonetoss chat log contains support for Nazis, rape, and murder

Stonetoss is the name of a popular neo-Nazi web comic.

Last week, the previously unknown individual behind a popular neo-Nazi web comic known as Stonetoss was identified on Twitter/X by antifascist researchers from the Anonymous Comrades Collective. This was followed by a concentrated campaign by Twitter/X staff to suppress any post on the website that revealed the alleged name of Stonetoss— with journalists, researchers, and the antifascist collective themselves all being targeted with suspensions and account locks. The campaign was personally requested by Stonetoss to Twitter/X owner Elon Musk, who has been under fire as of late for positively engaging with and defending countless other neo-Nazi accounts as well.

Stonetoss’ viral comics have been releasing online since 2017 and feature a buffet of hard right dogma repackaged for mainstream appeal; including but not limited to Holocaust denial, Nazi sympathizing, antisemitism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ+ hate, anti-Islam hate, anti-immigrant hate, and anti-Black racism. On Twitter/X, Stonetoss has reached nearly half a million followers. Researchers from the Global Network on Extremism and Technology say Stonetoss is a “crypto-Nazi,” a neo-Nazi that actively tries to disguise or downplay their identity as a Nazi to maintain a more respectable public image. According to the researchers, Stonetoss “pulls from neo-Nazi views and makes them more palatable for a broader audience.” So what kind of audience has Stonetoss cultivated with his hateful artwork?

On popular social media platforms, the Stonetoss community knows how to dogwhistle and hide their neo-Nazism behind a facade of plausible deniability. But, like all trolls, they cannot resist going mask-off with their hate. In 2019, the official Stonetoss communities on Reddit and Discord were banned. But the official Stonetoss Telegram channel, linked directly from the Stonetoss website, is still up and running. And the chatroom for the Telegram channel is about as unfiltered as a neo-Nazi community can get. For the first time, we are exclusively leaking raw HTML data from the Stonetoss Telegram chatroom so these chat logs can be viewed by all. But what exactly is in these chat logs?

The Stonetoss Telegram channel was created on January 9, 2021. Today, the channel has over 22,000 subscribers and its corresponding chatroom has over 300 members. The first message, from Stonetoss, was a misspelled greeting: “hlello.” The second message was also from Stonetoss. It was a single uncensored slur and nothing else. The N-word. From this point on, the chatroom is filled with Stonetoss comics and almost exclusively virulent comment responses from other chatroom members. Stonetoss’ community excessively uses slurs for Black people, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, and Jewish people multiple times on a daily basis. Often times, slurs are practically the only form of communication in the chat logs.

Telegram has a unique emoji sticker system that allows users to create and upload their own sticker packs that can be used in various chatrooms. There is seemingly no serious moderation on these stickers and the Stonetoss chatroom uses the feature to depict highly graphic and sometimes animated imagery of murder.

On March 16, someone with swastikas in their profile who goes by “neo-fascist gamer” posted a sticker of the co-opted meme Pepe the Frog holding a piece of paper calling to gas Jewish people in the same manner that Nazi Germany gassed Jewish people in concentration camps during the Holocaust. The sticker refers to Jewish people with the K-slur.

On March 17, another user posted an animated sticker depicting a lynched LGBTQ+ person being hanged by their neck on a noose and spinning endlessly in circles with their tongue sticking out.

On March 19, another user posted a sticker with an offensive depiction of a Black person that simply said the N-word uncensored. 35 minutes later, user “F4SM” posted a sticker of a white blonde woman dressed in a Ku Klux Klan robe cracking a whip with the caption “to work [N-word]” with the slur written out uncensored, yet again. Minutes later, someone sends a sticker with an offensive depiction of a Jewish person. And soon, on the same day, a user named “Asmodeus” posted a sticker showing a neo-Nazi in a skull mask with red glowing eyes, labeled with the words “RAPISTS DEPLOY.”

On March 20, another sticker of the same offensive depiction of an LGBTQ+ person being lynched, only this time it was not animated. Then? An animated sticker showing an offensive depiction of a Black person being shot in the face with a shotgun and their head exploding into a bloody mess. Then a sticker of a white man holding a sign that says “I hate [N-words]” (with the slur written out uncensored). And then more posts out of the previously used neo-Nazi pro-rape sticker pack, which is called “Rapeius Ultimatus,” with one sticker just showing the same skull Nazi with red glowing eyes and the word “RAPE” written, while the other one showed the same skull Nazi yet again but with the words “NO MORE CONSENT” written. Less than three hours after the pro-rape stickers, a sticker of a blonde woman shaking an offensively depicted Jewish man who is being held upside down from his feet as coins drop from his pockets, with the caption “cough up the shekels, [K-slur]!” And yes, to be clear, the slur was written out uncensored. Someone replied to the sticker of the Jewish person being shaken with an animated GIF of a flamethrower being used featuring the caption “KILL IT WITH FIRE.” There were also stickers showing racist depictions of Indians and Muslims as well. And of course: stickers that lionize Adolf Hitler.

And to be clear, these were just the stickers used in the short timespan of just the last five days. These aren’t cherry picked examples, either. There really isn’t any other kind of communication going on in these chat logs other than slurs and deeply disturbing graphic imagery. Stonetoss is a participant in this neo-Nazi digital community. He is the administrator of this chatroom. And it’s a pro-Nazi, pro-rape, pro-murder hatefest. We are releasing these chat logs to show how Stonetoss and his devotion to neo-Nazism can manifest in other explicit ways beyond merely his artwork. Here: we can see the true colors of the Stonetoss community without the veneer of topical cultural references or artistic expressions. This is the violent, unfiltered neo-Nazism of Stonetoss.

Download ZIP • 129.60MB

For best results, open the file on a computer. Any common internet browser can view the HTML data, even without internet connection.


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