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Anti-trans, anti-vax extremist linked to prominent neo-Nazis

Vishal P. Singh

Jairo Rodriguez, who also goes by Jairo Marquez, is no stranger to the Los Angeles protest scene. For years, Jairo has organized violent anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-vaxxer rallies alongside Capitol rioters, Proud Boys, and fellow Trump zealots. He organized the famous anti-transgender Wi Spa protests which ended in Proud Boys descending on Koreatown and multiple acts of anti-LGBTQ+ violence— including a double stabbing by a far-right militant.

He recently made headlines for causing the arrests of queer volunteers at West Hollywood Pride with an inaccurate police report to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Following the false arrests, I leaked Jairo's Telegram chat log and revealed that he had incited calls to commit a mass shooting at West Hollywood Pride from his followers. Others in his chat suggested lynching one of the queer volunteers Jairo got arrested based on claims that were debunked by a Rolling Stone investigation. In an attempt to reclaim control of the narrative, Jairo recently went on KPFK Radio's Rebel Alliance News and gave a dishonest and bigoted interview to their sympathetic host, West Seegmiller.

During the interview, Jairo said he wasn't a Nazi and that he never denied the Holocaust. Jairo has organized rallies with and made videos alongside neo-Nazis like Greyson Arnold, Ethan Schmidt, and Nick Taurus.

Jairo has boosted antisemitic social media posts from Taurus, including Taurus resharing an interview from Nick Fuentes denying the Holocaust.

Jairo and Nick Taurus have attended and organized many far-right and pro-Trump rallies together. In September of 2021, the two of them along with other Trump supporters held an anti-vaxxer rally against Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, a famous soul-food restaurant chain. Jairo filmed himself calling Black patrons "slaves" during the rally.

For his far-right website Right Now Views, Jairo has made videos with neo-Nazi Greyson Arnold, who has praised Adolf Hitler and is close friends of Nick Fuentes himself, and Ethan Schmidt, another Nazi-saluting Hitler supporter who has gone viral with anti-LGBTQ+ and antisemitic in-person trolling— even storming synagogues and yelling antisemitic hate speech at Jewish youth.

All of these neo-Nazis speak positively of Jairo and share his content often. Even the hardcore neo-Nazi group White Lives Matter has shared Jairo's anti-LGBTQ+ videos.

Jairo has targeted me for my reporting on him. In the past, he posted my home address and phone number on his Telegram. He has written defamatory, bigoted lies about me— posting photos of an unknown person in feminine clothes and claiming that it's secretly me cross dressing.

He participated in a mob assault against me by Trump supporters in West Hollywood where I was hospitalized with a concussion, broken facial bones, and broken eye sockets. Jairo is on video robbing me and stole my mask and hat during the attack. He was never arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. None of my attackers were. I was arrested instead, though charges were rejected. And that brings us full circle to now: where Jairo is manipulating that same sheriff's station that defended his attack against me.

Is Jairo a Nazi himself? No, he's a neo-Nazi collaborator. An important distinction, but not one that helps his case. Jairo is part of a national fascist movement— and it is common knowledge that white supremacists will use far-right supporters of color to achieve their fascist goals. Jairo is nothing new. What is new is progressive media outlets giving a platform to someone so bigoted, fascist, and dangerous.


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