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Name The Fascist: Naftoli Sherman

Naftoli Sherman, known for racist, anti-LGBTQ+, and sexist comments, was confirmed as the long haired pro-Israel agitator starting fights at the Los Angeles protest against stolen Palestinian land sales this weekend in Pico-Robertson.

He was falsely labeled a Jewish woman before giving a dishonest interview with Variety:

“I passed by like a group of like 10 to 15 Palestinian protestors, and they just jumped me,” says Sherman. “One guy punched me in the nose, and I was gushing blood. All the other ones were kicking me in the head. It was so scary. You’re getting jumped by a bunch of people, and the cops are just standing there and watching. They’re not interfering. The other Jewish people were the only ones to protect me.”

Video and witnesses from the scene tell a very different story. Independent journalist Kate Burns was on the ground covering the protest. She quickly debunked the initial misinformation being spread by pro-Israel social media accounts claiming that Sherman was a Jewish woman being beaten by a mob. Not only that, Burns and other journalists provided evidence that Sherman was the one instigating fights and starting brawls with pro-Palestinian protesters. He was not randomly jumped.

He was the one who helped initiate the violence. Images from on the ground even show him using a chokehold against one individual. He was only bloodied after engaging in violence that he started. But this context was omitted by legacy news outlets and media provocateurs.

Here are examples of the racist, anti-LGBTQ+, and sexist rhetoric spewed online by pro-Israel agitator Naftoli Sherman. He specifically has an obsession with supporting violence against women. Ironic, considering many pro-Israel accounts claimed he was a woman being attacked.


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