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Los Angeles City Council proposes using $1 million of public funding to bring former IDF soldiers to target pro-Palestine protesters

As reported by People’s City Council: “Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky has proposed allocating ONE MILLION DOLLARS of public money towards Zionist defense training.” The proposal cited organizations to receive prospective funding: The Jewish Federation and Magen Am.

The reasons given were false allegations of antisemitic incidents in relation to protests against the genocide of Palestine. In reality: pro-Palestinian protests have been attacked regularly in Los Angeles by increasingly organized pro-Israel far-right militants. Magen Am is a private security firm that works with LAPD and employs genocidal IDF soldiers.

They would patrol parts of Los Angeles and offer militant training to pro-Israel and pro-genocide Jewish communities.

They were also heavily involved during the UCLA Zionist terror attack against pro-Palestinian students and protesters that resulted in multiple hospitalizations of students.


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