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Democrats just proposed their own version of Project 2025

A new report from Politico details how a centrist think tank for the Democratic Party is putting together their own version of Project 2025, the autocratic policy proposal drafted by The Heritage Foundation and countless other shadowy and elite right-wing think tanks and policy institutes. Dubbed the Moderate Power Project, this new initiative by the think tank Third Way would create a "talent bank" aimed at staffing future Democratic administrations with loyalist centrist appointees.

These Democrats believe that forcibly handing over significant influence in the government to likeminded center-right moderates would counter the perception that the Democrats are led by progressives. Just like the fascist Project 2025, this plan emphasizes the importance of only allowing personnel with homogenous, anti-progressive beliefs to shape policy. Or, put more simply: personnel is policy.

Rather than combatting fascism, Democrats continue their tactic of following the example set by Donald Trump and the Republicans. Democrats seem to believe that watering down a plan for a fascist government (with the caveat that this fascist government be led by Democrats) is a better option than standing against a plan for a fascist government.


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