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UN Report: Gaza mass grave bodies had hands tied, were stripped naked, tortured

In a report on the mass graves recently uncovered in Gaza from the United Nations, the UN human rights office stated “Palestinian victims were reportedly found stripped naked with their hands tied, prompting renewed concerns about possible war crimes amid ongoing Israeli airstrikes.” This report is being heavily suppressed and covered up by western media.

“Among the deceased were allegedly older people, women and wounded, while others were found tied with their hands… tied and stripped of their clothes,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The bodies in this mass grave were “buried deep in the ground and covered with waste” and were found near Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, central Gaza, and at Al-Shifa Hospital in the north of Gaza City. The number of bodies found has now reached at least 392 and is still rising.

Over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including 14,685 children and 9,670 women. 77,084 have been injured and over 7,000 are assumed to be buried under rubble.  “Every 10 minutes a child is killed or wounded. They are protected under the laws of war, and yet they are ones who are disproportionately paying the ultimate price in this war,” said the UN High Commissioner. 


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