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EXCLUSIVE: Two stabbed by far right extremist at Wi Spa clash over trans rights

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Two armed far right extremists wield a knife and a baton against pro-LGBT+ activists. (Image by Rocky Romano)

KOREATOWN— On July 3, Wi Spa (a popular Korean spa in Los Angeles' Koreatown) was targeted with a transphobic demonstration by far right extremists. The far right chose Wi Spa due to a viral video of a transphobic woman complaining to staff about an alleged admission of a transgender woman.

Counter protesters showed up an hour before the rally to declare support for transgender rights. Once the anti-transgender demonstrators arrived, it was clear things would get violent.

Far right extremists were seen open brandishing a taser gun, a combat knife, batons, mace, and a bat. The Los Angeles Police Department turned a blind eye as LGBT+ supporters were attacked. During the ensuing brawls, there were injuries on both sides. A homophobic preacher assaulted two women and was hit with a skateboard. A member of the press had his skull smashed by a far right extremist with a baton.

Most concerning, though, there were two stabbings perpetrated by the same individual. And both stabbings were caught on video.

One of the victims was a leftist counter-protester, who was hospitalized after being stabbed three times, in their left and right leg. The second stabbing was done by the same attacker, but he stabbed someone on his own side, seemingly by mistake.

Far right supporters falsely claimed online that the female anti-transgender extremist was stabbed by leftists.

But once we published exclusive video of the stabbings, it was clear that the far right had stabbed one of their own.

LAPD was on the scene during the stabbings, but did not arrest the far right extremist who stabbed both individuals.

The media has also widely ignored this story, and some activists believe it's a cover up.

The fact of the matter is, there is no reason why two stabbings by a far right extremist should go unreported and unanswered.

LAPD and mainstream news need to explain why they are ignoring lethal force used by far right extremists during the Wi Spa clash over transgender rights.

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