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Holocaust denying Capitol rioter and Enrique Tarrio ally joins Leave Our Kids Alone

Vishal P. Singh

A January 6th Capitol rioter has been identified amongst the Leave Our Kids Alone anti-LGBTQ+ movement in Los Angeles... again. The Daily Beast has already reported on Proud Boys associate/Capitol rioter Adam Kiefer, Capitol rioter Tony Moon, and Capitol rioter Siaka Massaquoi participating in Leave Our Kids Alone rallies targeting LGBTQ+ student civil rights in local schools here in Los Angeles County. Capitol rioter Andy Lai was spotted at the group's Glendale protests in videos shot by independent journalist Sean Beckner-Carmitchel. But they aren't the only ones.

Alberto Nunez has regularly been filming and posting videos on social media from Leave Our Kids Alone protests he attends— and was seen alongside Proud Boys and fellow Capitol rioters like Kiefer during the sizable Leave Our Kids Alone August 22nd rally in Downtown Los Angeles.

On January 6th, he filmed himself within the mob laying siege to the United States Capitol from the steps, as reported by Desertborder of Left Coast Right Watch News.

Nunez is a regular far-right agitator in the Los Angeles protest scene. He was once the camera operator for a bigoted pro-Trump web show hosted by fellow Capitol rioter Jess Weber, who famously filmed himself at the Capitol wielding a stolen police riot shield. On his Twitter/X account, Nunez has expressed his love for Donald Trump, made Holocaust denial posts, and posts in defense of Adolf Hitler.

During his own selfie video at the steps of the Capitol, Nunez complains about tear gas from Capitol police and throws up a white power symbol to the camera while speaking with a big smile, "man, this is crazy! Yo Enrique, sign me up dude! Get me in your fuckin' chapter! Proud of your fuckin' boy!" He wasn't addressing former Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio for no reason.

Tarrio has been convicted alongside fellow top ranking Proud Boys and Oath Keepers members of seditious conspiracy for their part in the fascist coup d'etat attempt on January 6th. He is facing a possible 33 year sentence. Tarrio and Nunez have close ties and have repeatedly posed for photos together at numerous rallies for Trump and the Proud Boys. In one of their posts together, Nunez wrote in his caption: "I'm a Hispanic Proud Boy." But that's not all.

Enrique Tarrio was famously absent from the attack on the United States Capitol. He had been arrested two days before the attack (which he reportedly helped plot). According to police and video evidence: on December 12, 2020, Enrique Tarrio and a mob of Trump supporters stole a Black Lives Matter banner from a historic Black church in Washington D.C. and set it on fire. When he was arrested on a warrant for this incident on January 4th, authorities found Tarrio with two high-capacity magazines with Proud Boys insignias on them. He pled guilty to destruction of property and attempted possession of high-capacity firearm magazines. The incident was investigated as a hate crime but hate crime charges were never filed. One of the members of the mob that joined Tarrio in the racist banner burning incident was reportedly none other than Alberto Nunez, who posted video of the attack the following day on Twitter/X with the caption reading "Washington D. C. BLM Flag Burning."

Nunez has never faced any charges for his role in the January 6th Capitol insurrection and attempted fascist coup d'etat of the United States. Like so many others who were present that day— his insurrection never ended. It just went local. As far-right cadres continue to coalesce around a multitude of authoritarian political projects: the footsoldiers of January 6th continue to show up in activist arenas brimming with hate and extremist groups.


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