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LAPD criticized for bias as anti-vaxxer officers promote far right Sept. 18 rally

Roll Call 4 Freedom's Website on 9/18/21

LOS ANGELES — The far right extremists in Los Angeles are rallying on Saturday, September 18. Violent Capitol rioter Tony Moon as well as anti-vaxxer zealot Jason Lefkowitz (who organized multiple COVID-denialist rallies that resulted in violence) are billed to speak. This flyer was even promoted by LAPD officers, who will be policing the event.

"Rollcall4freedom” is a online group of LAPD officers who are against mask and vaccine mandates. They are promoting the September 18th far right extremist rally at city hall tomorrow that LAPD will also be policing (far right extremists across the nation, including at the Capitol, are rallying on Saturday, drawing comparisons to January 6th). This is a massive conflict of interest and indicator of bias in policing. LAPD has been criticized a lot for biased policing at protest clashes— with officers repeatedly siding with far right instigators.

LAPD Officer Michael McMahon spoke with far right YouTuber/Capitol rioter Jess Weber at a right wing rally in front of city hall. Weber is well known for participating in the DC insurrection/Capitol riot on January 6th, and even posing with a riot shield stolen from police.

Editor's Note: Weber informed me in July that all federal charges against him related to January 6th were dropped, but would not elaborate how. Activists speculate he turned over his footage to federal authorities to assist in arrests of other Capitol rioters.

Editor's Note: LAPD officers aren’t even punished for not wearing masks on duty, which is against policy.

In 2019, LAPD Officer Michael McMahon had a take home pay after benefits of $187,543.62.

Officer McMahon is not an outlier. It’s been reported that thousands of officers are seeking vaccine exemptions. Additionally, some officers are filing a lawsuit over the mandates. This lawsuit was organized with help of anti-vaxxer LASD Deputy Elda Perico.

Links between far right extremists, anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers, Capitol rioters, & LAPD continue to surface. It’s so normalized that they don’t even bother hiding it. LAPD refuses to police Proud Boy violence occurring right in front of their headquarters. It appears the allegations of political bias for far right extremists from LAPD hold water. What a surprise.

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