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Leave Our Kids Alone calls LGBTQ+ community a “gay Jew mafia”

Vishal P. Singh

Prominent Leave Our Kids Alone supporter Narek Palyan has responded, yet again, to my reporting exposing him for his pro-Nazi, antisemitic, and anti-LGBTQ+ hate speech. Leaked Instagram stories from Palyan show him sharing a screenshot from my website while calling me a "f—ggot." He told his fellow Leave Our Kids Alone supporters that when they are accused of being homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, or pro-Nazi, that they should "double down." He then shared old footage from an anti-LGBTQ+ rally targeting a drag story hour in Glendale that he attended and wrote: "Fckk the lgbtqiabs+- gay joo mafia." Palyan, who regularly performs Nazi salutes and praises Nazi leaders like Adolf Hitler, is close friends with the lead organizer of Leave Our Kids Alone: Manuk Grigorian.

Here is leaked footage filmed by Palyan himself at a Glendale Unified school board meeting where he performed the Nazi salute twice.

Here is Palyan admitting that the Leave Our Kids Alone movement is working with the white supremacist fascist group the Proud Boys.

Here is footage I filmed on August 22 at the Leave Our Kids Alone rally in Los Angeles of Palyan performing a Nazi salute and then hugging Leave Our Kids Alone lead organizer and frequent Fox News guest Manuk Grigorian.

Here is footage from the same Leave Our Kids Alone rally showing Palyan performing the Nazi salute again, filmed by photographer Rayna Zemel.

And finally: here is a sample of Leave Our Kids Alone supporter Narek Palyan's viciously antisemitic and pro-Nazi social media posts.

The Leave Our Kids Alone movement is obviously extremely bigoted against LGBTQ+ people— but the group's refusal to condemn one of their most prominent supporter's support for Nazism and antisemitism deserves a deeper examination. It's not like Palyan is keeping these views a secret from his followers. His Instagram account is set to private, though. So he knows these views don't look good to the public. But now: they are public.

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Texas Murphy
Texas Murphy
Oct 02, 2023

Might this be the same Narek Palyan whose partner sued him for child support in 2013?

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