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Mom Army echoes Hitler quote to promote anti-LGBTQ+ rally led by German far-right party

Mom Army, an anti-LGBTQ+ group modeled after Moms For Liberty and tied to Leave Our Kids Alone and Gays Against Groomers, has spent a lot of time targeting LGBTQ+ rights under the guise of "parental rights advocacy." They have chapters, which they call "battalions," all around the world pushing right-wing culture war talking points and political rallies against LGBTQ+ existence. They also have an auxiliary group called Dad Army. The main Mom Army Instagram account reposted a video from Mom Army Germany of an anti-LGBTQ+ rally in Berlin led by AfD: the far-right German populist political party— the most prominent far-right populist party Germany has seen since the rise of the Nazi Party. Mom Army Germany's video of the march was captioned: "Germany is awake." Mom Army's main account reposted it to their Instagram story and added their own caption: "Thank you Mom Army Germany for being boots on the ground!"

The phrase "Germany is awake" (also localized from German to English as "Germany is now awakened) was popularized by Adolf Hitler himself in 1933 during a speech honoring his henchmen from the SS and SA. It originally stems from the Storm Song, the Nazi musical anthem for the SA. As documented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Hitler speaks: "Germany is Awake." At the Berlin Sportspalast, the Reichschancellor thanks the assembled SA and SS for their loyalty, their courage, and their perserverance." Martial music plays as the camera shows the huge assembled crowd from above, standing at attention. Hitler walks through the crowd to the podium and speaks, thanking them for their patience in the past years, stating that he knows that they must have sometimes questioned whether Germany's hour would come, but that now: "That great moment. . . has arrived, Germany is now awakened. . . is the master of her own destiny." Hess and Roehm are visible as well.

I have contacted both Mom Army and Mom Army Germany for comment and am awaiting their response. If they supply VPS Reports with a statement, it will be available here.


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