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PragerU co-host once condemned Martin Luther King Jr. and branded himself a white nationalist

Far-right YouTube creator John Doyle recently co-hosted a PragerU video with his friend, regular PragerU presenter Aldo Buttazzoni. Doyle and Buttazzoni had recently attended a religiously motivated anti-drag rally at Dodgers stadium organized by Nazi collaborator Jack Posobiec. They also went to a Blink-182 show together that same day. So it's no wonder Buttazzoni brought his influencer friend onto his show to rant about the World Economic Forum.

But bringing on Doyle as a co-host presents a bit of a problem for PragerU. Because Doyle isn't just a regular political YouTube creator. He's a self described white nationalist who condemned the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., insinuating on his YouTube show that being assassinated was the best thing to ever happen to Dr. King.

Florida is partnering with PragerU in order to implement their white supremacist propaganda content into their schools. PragerU continues to scoff at allegations of racism and white supremacy— even while bringing on white nationalist John Doyle, who is commonly referred to as an imitator of neo-Nazi Groyper leader and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.


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