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Proud Boys, III%ers, and MAGA radicals target drag story hour in San Diego

Vishal P. Singh

Photojournalist Kelly Stuart documented yet another instance of conservatives working alongside fascist and white supremacist extremist groups in order to protest a drag story hour event. This time, it was at the New Children's Museum in San Diego.

Members of the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters were seen on the ground on the anti-LGBTQ+ side of the protest. The protest was organized by LEXIT, a far-right group tied to Donald Trump himself and the Proud Boys. LEXIT tries to promote a supposed "Latino exit" from the Democratic Party. Also present was the Leave Our Kids Alone movement— who have instigated political violence at local elementary schools and district board meetings over LGBTQ+ youth rights. Leave Our Kids Alone supporters, while wearing their signature white t-shirts, have even publicly advocated for LGBTQ+ youth to hang themselves.


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