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Right-wing Temecula “parents” say LGBTQ+ people will “eventually hang themselves”

Vishal P. Singh

We The Parents TVUSD, self-described "parents" from the Temecula Valley Unified School District, shared a deceptively edited anti-LGBTQ+ video falsely portraying LGBTQ+ people as groomers who sexualize children. The caption read:

"Give them enough time and they eventually hang themselves. Thanks for finally admitting that IT IS about sexualization..... And it's the exact thing we fight against."

This Instagram page is part of the Leave Our Kids Alone movement, who I previously exposed for telling young LGBTQ+ activists outside of an elementary school to hang themselves and die in the closet. One of We The Parents TVUSD's followers is Chino Valley Unified School Board President Sonja Shaw. The Republican Party's anti-LGBTQ+ movement knows that the are increasing suicidal ideations amongst LGBTQ+ people. They are doing it intentionally and celebrating the the outcomes.

As far back as 2016, right-wing trolls have publicly celebrated specific transgender suicides while harassing grieving loved ones. Temecula Valley Unified is one of several Southern California school district's that have become battlegrounds in the Republican culture war against LGBTQ+ rights.

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