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San Bernardino Sheriffs hire far-right activist fired by LAPD for extreme views on vaccines

Vishal P. Singh

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Department's official social media pages have made a proud public display of their most recently hired deputy, but who is he? Michael McMahon is the founder of Roll Call 4 Freedom, an anti-vaxxer association of law enforcement employees closely tied to far-right and white nationalist activists. He was fired from LAPD in 2021 for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

During that time, he frequently attended far-right anti-vaxxer rallies in Los Angeles County and was seen amongst Proud Boys and Capitol rioters. Notably, he was even photographed mingling with the same cliques of far-right activists at these protests during his time as an LAPD officer, while in uniform.

Photo by Kelly Stuart

In an interview at a protest with far-right influencer and Capitol rioter Jess Weber (who stole a riot shield from Capitol police on January 6th), officer McMahon says that his anti-vaccination stance was a “much more important battle” than being a police officer. McMahon has also done interviews with white nationalist Stew Peters, where McMahon spread anti-Semitic George Soros conspiracy theories).


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