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Sonja Shaw reshares threatening post against AG Rob Bonta: “you’re about to f- around and find out”

Vishal P. Singh

A San Bernardino Superior Court judge has temporarily halted Chino Valley Unified school district's illegal policy to force teachers to out transgender and non-binary students to potentially bigoted family members following a lawsuit by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. The president of Chino Valley Unified school board, Sonja Shaw, has spearheaded this policy while collaborating with Republican interest groups and documented far-right extremists like Leave Our Kids Alone and the Proud Boys. Shaw does not seem happy about this recent ruling. She has been attacking Bonta regularly on right-wing media for sometime— but following Wednesday's ruling: the rhetoric escalated. One of her supports shared a video about Bonta on her Instagram story from California Family Council, an arm of the far-right evangelical think tank and hate group Family Research Council. The caption written by Shaw's supporter called Bonta a "slimeball [piece of shit]" and threatened Bonta with the ominous warning popularized by fascist extremists: "you're about to f- around and find out!!!" Sonja Shaw was tagged in the post and reshared it— as she often does when her supporters tag her while echoing her rhetoric. Far-right trolls on Twitter/X were also seen asking for the name of the judge who made the ruling to halt Shaw's policy so that they could "know who to get rid of."


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