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Tou Thao, who aided killing of George Floyd, sentenced to almost 5 years in prison

Vishal P. Singh

Former Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao was just sentenced for his role in the police killing of George Floyd and faces a prison time of four years and nine months. This is the final sentencing related to the killing. Thao was found guilty in May of aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

Thao still refuses to admit fault, comparing himself in court to Jesus Christ facing false accusations. The judge responded saying he had hoped Thao had "a little more remorse, regret, acknowledgement of some responsibility — and less preaching." He continued, "suffice it to say that I think your culpability is less than Mr. Chauvin, but well above Mr. Kueng and Mr. Lane, as an experienced senior officer who was in the best position to save George Floyd. Accordingly, it’s my belief that a sentence at the top of the (sentencing) range would be condign punishment.”

During the police killing of George Floyd, Thao forcibly held back bystanders trying to save George Floyd as he screamed that he could not breathe and begged for his life. The killing shocked the nation and inspired the Black Lives Matter uprisings in 2020.


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