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Hate preachers sexually harass underaged girls at Taylor Swift concert

Vishal P. Singh

Outside SoFi Stadium's massive Taylor Swift concert today: a handful of Christian nationalist hate preachers plus local far-right extremist Jairo Rodriguez screamed a litany of sexually explicit hate speech towards families entering the venue. They repeatedly referred to underaged girls walking in front of them as sex objects and screamed viciously sexist, homophobic, and transphobic hate speech. Los Angeles parking enforcement spoke with the preachers and gave them free water while they targeted children.

One concert attendee confronted one of the bigoted fascists while the fascist screamed at underaged girls about having sex with dildos. The preacher responded, "yeah I know there's kids here. And they're going to see a whore!" The preacher then called a bunch of underaged girls "little skanks" while repeatedly sexualizing their outfits. Ironically, these same Christian nationalist hate preachers and extremists baselessly accuse educators and the LGBTQ+ community of being "groomers" who forcibly expose children to sexual topics. In reality: that's what Christian nationalist hate preachers did today outside a Taylor Swift concert.


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